Welcome to Sri Matha Yoganandamayi

Four paths have been prescribed in Hinduism viz. Bhakti, Karma, Gnana and Yoga. To advocate each path, Saints incarnate in different times, which is repeating history in India. The mission of such guiding souls is that the entire humanity understands the real meaning and practical truth in the process of God realisation. This stems from their practical experience and not a theoretical study.

Sri Matha Yoganandamayi, known as Amma, is one among such humble saints. Amma began her spiritual service in the year 1990. The method prescribed by her is named as Bhakthi Yoga. In Amma's satsang sessions one can get the practical experiences of Bhakthi Yoga. This is in the form of gentle and controlled breath, chillness in the entire body, mind filled with full concentration and peace, etc.

Amma describes about Yoga in her own words:

Yoga is a technique to rejuvenate the mind. The stress and pressure which the physical body undergoes over a span of life ultimately results in polluted mind and abnormal breathing system. As a result, human being is likely to get depression. Bhakthi Yoga also aids in spiritual development.